Trip Packing Checklist

 Motorcycle Personal
 Check bike for road worthiness! ID, Credit cards, Cash, AAA, etc.
 Helmet (appropriate for weather) Emergency Contact Information
 Bike keys Medical and Bike Insurance cards
 Registration Underwear
 Current State inspection (sticker) Cell phone and charger
 Radio, Cellphone and chargers Socks
 Tire pressure gauge Pants (appropriate to weather)
 Tire repair kit Tops (appropriate to weather)
 Kickstand plate (for soft ground) Long underwear (if cold weather)
 First Aid Kit Comfortable shoes
 Windshield cleaner e.g. Bug slide Sunglasses/goggles/clear for night
 Micro fleece Towel Directions/map (or use your phone/gps)
 Small tool bag/ Multi-tool Bottle of water
 Spare fuses Your prescriptions, Allergy medication
 Zip ties assorted sizes Flashlight
 Zip-lock bags Personal protection (firearm/taser)
 Garbage bag (many uses!) Reading material
 Waterproof bag to hold personal items Journal/trip log/ Pen
 Disc lock to prevent theft Ear plugs
 Rain Gear Baseball Cap
  Chap Stick
  Sun Screen (place in zip-lock bag)
  Riding gloves (warm and cold)
   Motorcycle Jacket
   Fleece turtle neck (if cold weather)
   Heated gear (if cold and you have it)
   Cell phone and charger
Bag for dirty clothes
  • Texas Meet & Greet 2022
    April 28, 2022 00:00
  • 10th Annual Maggie Valley Run
    May 26, 2022 12:00
  • FMRC National Family Reunion 2022
    September 1, 2022 11:00